The Big Draw

To celebrate The Big Draw festival, Year 4 children used their sight and sound to express themselves while listening to music.
Children listened to classical, jazz, hip hop and chill-out music while creating their piece of art.
The Year 6 classes found out about the artist Kandinsky and how he created his pieces of art.
We then listened to some music by the composer Schoenberg and responded to the music in any way we wanted and used anything in our art boxes.

As part of the ‘Big Draw festival’, Year 3 were creating a new piece of art based on the artist Wassily Kandisky.
Then we developed our own style of his artwork by listening to the sounds of different instruments.

Year 5 learnt about Kandinsky and used his abstract art as inspiration for their own creative pieces.
Using media from our art boxes, we listened to a variety of music across the Year 5 classes including jazz, lo-fi and rock. We then used our sight and sound senses to create our work.

“What I enjoyed about The Big Draw was that you could draw freely and there was no restriction on how far your imagination could go.” Zoeya 4N

“I enjoyed The Big Draw as it made me feel relaxed because I could draw what I felt. Also I could draw freely without having to concentrate on one design.” David 6S

“It was relaxing and fun. I found it very interesting to see how differently everyone perceived the sounds.” Ms Gay