The Big Draw Book

Every year, we take part in the Big Draw. This is where the entire school spends an afternoon drawing and creating wonderful artwork, based on a theme.  
This year’s theme was A Climate of Change. This fits into our RRS ethos and links to the global goals of Climate Action: Life below Water and Life on Land. 
For this project, each class was assigned an animal that is either critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable. Children were asked to create an illustration which conveyed the special characteristics or the personality of the animal, in their drawings. Year 5 and 6 were also given the task of researching the animal and writing an informative paragraph about them
Through this project, we discovered the importance of illustrations, and many children showed great interest in wanting to become illustrators when they’re older. Teachers,  in collaboration with the art ambassadors, selected the best pieces from each class. These pieces have been published in a special book, which is being showcased in each classroom’s book corner. This can also be seen above.
Well done to everyone who participated in this project